Rebranding & Replatforming Fab.com


I was hired by Fab to build a creative dream team, evolve the Fab brand, and lead the design of an entirely new Shopify site and app refresh. While Fab’s parent company eliminated the replatforming budget before we got to make the vision a reality, I’m proud of and excited to share a bit of the work we put into dreaming up a whole new Fab, in which product and content are seamlessly intertwined.

In approaching how to help the brand pivot on a very tight budget, I went beyond the realm of traditional creative direction and into the world of trends and insights research. Through in-house focus groups I spearheaded and sat in on, I developed a working hypothesis of who our ideal Fab consumer is and how they approach their lifestyle aspirations. This research helped me begin to craft a platform where the Fab community could access unexpected discoveries from a wide variety of inspiring sources.



“The Fab community is comprised of discerning people like you. They crave authenticity, quality, and personalization. They are hands on in the development of their lifestyles and place a strong emphasis on: Home, Work, Play, Passion Projects, and Relationships.

Fab lovers are both nostalgic and forward thinking—creating special moments for themselves and their loved ones is of the utmost importance. They appreciate and respond to sincere recommendations, inspiring individuality, and engaging storytelling. Their greatest aspiration is a life lived on their terms, a life well-designed.”

Far beyond a facelift, my charge included crafting a new culture-building mission for the company, taking the creative, marketing, and business strategy goals of the brand into consideration.

“Fab sparks the creation and curation of beautiful moments in our lives.

We’re driven by self-expression. Through our work, we are able to craft experiences that uniquely speak to us, and that allow you to speak for yourself.

Fab is yours, truly.”