CIA | SNLine | CultureFirst | A Personalized Gift


NBCUniversal’s Content Innovation Agency creates meaningful connections between brands, audiences and customers by harnessing the power of NBCUniversal. Using the concept of a hand drawn asterisk to express our strong creative influence behind the scenes of one of the largest media companies in the world, the symbol has become an internal and B2B calling card for premium video content, breakthrough creative and big, contextually-relevant ideas that bring the NBCU portfolio together. As a member of the CIA’s core leadership team, I am very proud to have led the design team in the birth of the brand identity for our professional home. 

I also directed the video piece above. It was made from start to finish in less than a single work week, including staging an all staff photo shoot on extremely short notice! Meant to be an arresting and inspiring internal introduction to the still in its infancy CIA, it was screened at NBCUniversal’s 2015 National Sales Meeting held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City.


Who makes Saturday Night Live so iconic? The legion of devoted fans who will consistently wait days outside of 30 Rock for the chance to get tickets to the historic show LIVE. So, for the first time in SNL history, these passionate fans were given the chance to engage with their favorite SNL cast members and become part of history in SNL’s first-ever socially interactive digital series: Saturday Night Line (SNLine).

2015 Webby Award winning SNLine lives on and is distributed across VOD, Hulu, and YouTube. I worked in an art direction capacity on the motion graphics featured in the series and was a member of the creative ideation team responsible for the uniquely created social content for each episode.



Once upon a time, I wanted to delight and inspire my colleagues during the holiday season. The Faces Project began as personalized holiday gifts and grew into an in-demand professional service my team and I provided to many members of executive leadership at NBCUniversal. The project was my creative brainchild and I continue to art direct the ongoing illustrations and usage designs as new people join the ranks of The Faces Project.


When you reach latinos, you’re reaching all of America. That’s the core insight behind NBCUniversal Hispanic Group’s new advertising platform, CultureFirst. Tasked with building an authentic, aspirational identity for CultureFirst, I lead the design team in launching the brand from logo concepts to parallax scrolling, responsive microsite design. In partnership with Sticky Pictures, I also closely oversaw creation of the infographic video above.